Inspiration can come from the most unlikely places. 7 years ago I stood on a mountaintop in the south island of New Zealand, surrounded by some of the most gorgeous scenery on earth. I had just stepped off a helicopter carrying me, my camera, and a beautiful bride and groom right after their wedding ceremony. It was not hard to be inspired in that moment. In fact, my 10 year journey as a wedding photographer has taken me to a lot of incredible places: riding on horseback through lavender fields in the south of France, witnessing tropical storms on the horizon on the coast of Thailand, an ancient theatre in the heart of Dublin.

After moving to Vancouver in 2015, I started photographing homes for real estate. I had absolutely no interest in shooting houses, but having moved to a new city, in a new market, I needed to supplement my income by taking a few photography jobs outside of my interest. I expected to do this for a short while while re-established myself in Vancouver. What I didn't expect was that in the living rooms, kitchen counters, bunk beds, and towels racks, I would discover whole new photographic journey. Housestories was inspired by the ordinary little details, and so far it's been the most exciting thing that I have ever started. I can't wait to begin!