forever house


There’s an image of Allan, a 64 year old, sitting on a bed in the room he grew up in, with a soft light from the window casting a bittersweet glow. In a few hours his three sisters would arrive to collect some of the last few items in the house. This was the forever house that Allan and his family moved into over 50 years ago. They would play out their lives here, laugh, play, cry. Eventually, one by one, this would be the house leave, and the house where grandkids would come and visit. 

When I arrived at this house things were in disarray - there were half-packed boxes, disassembled furniture, stacks of books and picture frames - and I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to really capture the house, but in the empty spaces and the dusty details there was the home imbued with countless memories. However, forever is never forever. When Allan’s dad passed away six years ago, Allan moved in to help care for his mom, and when she developed dementia in the years that followed, they decided that it was time to sell the home. The new owners, however they may be, will have a forever house of their own, full of their own memories. I’m so grateful to have been able to capture even just a bit of this home’s story before it disappears forever.