Box in the Sky


Earlier this summer I was excited to photograph the home of Rebecca Bergman, who writes a blog about raising and homeschooling her four boys in an 800 square foot apartment in downtown Vancouver (even if you’re not a mom, you have to read her post, ‘Mom’s 8 Minute Make-up tutorial’).

What was meant to be a temporary apartment back when they just had one small child, ended up being the place where they would bring their other three boys home for the first time. Eight years later it is the place they still call home, and a place where their four boys will have a lot of incredible memories. They might remember storing their bikes in the bathroom shower, or the living room blinds that wouldn’t go all the way up, or all trying to get their shoes and coats on at the front door. They might remember taking the elevator down swimming pool downstairs, or the eating lunch together as the afternoon light lit up the kitchen, or jumping on the couch, or having spontaneous dance parties as the youngest brother Ethan pounded on the keyboard.

I think what they’ll remember most though, is their bedroom, where they had the rare opportunity to be so close each other. Their room, with their side by side bunk beds, where they each had their own space, where they kept their favourite LEGO characters, their books, their R2D2’s, their monkeys, and pandas; where they could jump across from one bunk bed to another, where their mom ingeniously found a place to hang a trampoline by taking two of the legs off.

I always ask families what their nickname is for their house, to which Rebecca answered, ‘Box in the Sky’. One thing I’ve learned since creating Housestories is that homes are much more about families than the structure that contains them. You take away the walls, the furniture, and all the stuff, and what’s left is the love and the memories. It doesn’t matter how big a home is or what’s in it, just that there’s love in it. Read Rebecca's post about the shoot here.