La Casita


Athenas (of Vancouver blog Ilove604) and her husband Francisco moved into 'La Casita' (as named by their daughter Mia) when Athenas was pregnant with their second child, Matias, 2 years ago. It's their first home as a family, where they've hosted birthdays, Christmases, Thanksgivings, and family visits; where the kids have spent countless hours together in the living room riding around on elephants, stacking blocks, reading books, or playing their ukulele; where Mia and Matias would serve their parents pretend tacos from their play house out front, and then do pretend dishes; where they eat together and love together at the same kitchen table that they've had for years; where every night they would wrap Matias in a towel after his bath, and Mia would brush her teeth with her light up rainbow toothbrush as she stands on her white stool.