The Garden House


 In a recent collaboration, I photographed the home of popular mom blogger Codi Lynn (of Creative Wife and Joyful Worker).

When I drove up the driveway I was greeted by the sight of huge mansion, and was slightly relieved to realize that hers was the much smaller rental home next door (not that I have anything against photographing a massive house, I just hadn’t planned to include a ten bedroom house shoot that morning).

Codi Lynn and her family moved into thier home about a year ago. It is a little smaller than their last place ( has beautiful natural light, a great yard, and for the first time as a family they have a large garden, a place where they have spent a lot of time growing together.

I could have spent hours learning the history of every piece of furniture (most of which has been passed down through family, acquired from friends, acquired from friends, or made by hand), or deciphering the fascinating mess of Ezra’s room, but in the end, the story of a family’s home is theirs and theirs alone. Though the Garden House will likely not be the home they retire in, or even a home that they’ll be in five years from now, there will no doubt countless wonderful memories here.

When Codi and her family open this album 20 years from now, they’ll not just see the first garden that they ever planted, they’ll see their family together getting dirty as they plant seeds together. They’ll see Sophie working on her own special section, Ezra raking between the rows of vegetables, and they’ll see Evelyn pulling her first weed.

Sophie will see the room that she shared with her sister, that her mom perfectly decorated, the bed that her dad made her, and sitting in the garage with her brother watching 101 Dalmations. Ezra will see the evenings sitting across from his dad playing chess, his and bringing his Chess trophy home. Evelyn will see a place that she might barely remember, but she’ll know that it’s the place where she started to really discover the world, where she learned to walk, where her and her sister ate cheerios together, where her mom threw her an impromptu tea party themed birthday party, and where she learned the love of family.

If a garden is where you plant seeds of life, a home is where you plant the seeds of love, and may we always remember that joyful work that goes into it