Wanted: Families in their Favourite Outdoor Locations


A home is more than the house that a family lives in; it is all of the places that they laugh and play together.

Housestories Canada is kicking off a fun new project featuring families in their favourite outdoor locations in Vancouver - be it a favourite park, a rocky beach on the harbour, or their own backyard. If you love putting on boots, splashing in puddles, playing in the rain, or just being surrounded by nature

Over the next three weeks, we will be offering a complimentary 30 minute outdoor photoshoot and a small thank-you print to 5-6 families in the Vancouver area  with children between the ages 2 - 8 (families that we have photographed before are still eligible).

If you would love to participate, please fill in the form below, and you will hear from us soon.

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Selected participants will receive a free photo session and a small thank you print. They may also be given the opportunity to purchase additional items if they wish. Which additional items, if any, would you be interested in seeing?