Wanted: Families in their first home


Through a beautifully captured collection of the spaces, details, and people in your home, Housestories Canada preserves your family’s life as at is now. Whether you just welcomed your first born, or your kids are halfway to high school, in thirty years your life will look completely different, and a lot of the everyday day beauty of being a young family will be a distant memory.

Over the next three Housestories Canada, we will be offering a complimentary shoots and a small thank-you print to 4-5 families who have moved into their first home within the last 2 years in the Edmonton area  with children between the ages 2 - 10.

The shoot itself is about 90min, starting with a brief 'interview' with your family about your home (what have been some of your favourite memories in your home so far, in 15 years what will you miss most about this time, etc). The photos will be processed and edited within 2 weeks, at which point you may select the image for your complimentary 5x7 print (you will also have the option to purchase other items if you wish, such as additional prints, album, or a digital collection, however it is not mandatory).

If this sounds right up your ally, please fill in the form below, and you will hear from us soon.

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Selected participants will receive a free photo session and a small thank you print. They may also be given the opportunity to purchase additional items if they wish. Which additional items, if any, would you be interested in seeing?