Housestories was created to deepen the connection between families and their homes.




'loving home'


'cozy oasis'


'little embers'

Darren Lebeuf - creative director/photographer


An image search for Darren Lebeuf will bring up a mix of family and wedding photography, and a range of illustrations and cartoons.

Author, illustrator, and photographer Darren Lebeuf has made a career beautifully photographing families and weddings in his natural and subtly polished style. After moving to Vancouver in 2015 he began doing real estate photography, and saw many homes that deserved to be photographed on a deeper level. In July of 2017 he created Housestories.

Darren continues capturing weddings and photographing families through Le Beuf Studios.

He is also an illustrator and published author. His illustrative work can be enjoyed at the Land of Le Beef.