the Grouse House


When Natalie and Adam first stepped through the front door of their North Vancouver home three years ago, they recognized that it was the one for them. Since then they have watched their young toddler turn into a young child, they brought home their second child, and made a comfortable life surrounded by nature.

The 'Grouse House' is a tranquil home where Natalie and Adam live with their two kids, Linden and Georgia, and their dogs Juno and Lucy. I always start a Housestories shoot with a casual interview with the family about their home, and one of the questions that I often ask is 'what will they miss the most about this home 15 years from now’, and the answers always have one thing in common - it’s the little things; the ordinary, everyday moments. In the 2 hours that I was there, I saw Natalie and Linden bottle a batch of homemade kombucha (pear flavoured) while Adam rocked their 10 week old daughter in the living room, I saw the two dogs Juno and Lucy following the family around the house and finding familiar places to lay down, and of course, I saw Linden turn into a superhero and fly around the home fighting crime (as a fellow parent of a two young kids, this came as no surprise to me).

Over time the past starts to fade, and it’s often the everyday moments that fade first. I hope that opening this album will be like stepping through the front door again, and experiencing a typical, ordinary, beautiful day in their home.